X-Ray Film Recycling

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U.S. Surplus Recovery purchases old, out-dated X-Ray film. We offer FREE onsite purging, absolutely no charge to you. We are HIPPA law compliant serving all states. We buy all types of film exposed or unexposed such as X-ray, Medical, Industrial, Laser, Litho, Circuit Board Films, etc. We are recovering silver and precious metals from X-Ray films in the medical industries. All X-ray film and ALL PATIENT INFORMATION must be recycled in a proper destruction pursuant. U.S. Surplus Recovery will provide a HIPPA compliant form and destruction for all patient information re-released. We can also provide actual pictures of your film and jackets being destroyed.

How it works?

You contact us wanting to recycle your x-ray films. Our friendly buying team will come to your location purge pick up and provide a certificate of destruction for all patient information with no charge to you. Hassle free we do all loading and labour.

What happens to your films?

If your x-ray film charts are received in paper jackets (envelopes) we will remove all of the films out of the jackets, the jackets will used for paper recycling, all of your x-ray sheets will be chemically washed and the silver will be recovered, the left over which is a clear PET plastic will be recycled as well. all sensitive information will be destroyed both on the films and the jackets

What do you have to do?

All you have to do is contact U.S. surplus Recovery. We will schedule a pick-up time and date. Then we will pick-up films and provide the certified certificate of destruction for your films. Once the destruction form is signed then we will begin the loading and cleaning process. All film will be weighed and paid by the current silver market on site. NOTE: Nothing will be loaded or leave your location without payment.

The difference between x-ray film shredding and pure film stripping (wash)?

Pure X-ray film stripping (wash) is a newer technology of silver reclamation than the standard shredding process. The wash process is 100% environmental friendly since all of the raw materials are being recovered; the silver, PET plastic and paper jackets. When shredding x-rays usually the paper jackets are being shredded as well, which makes it almost impossible to wash the films for the silver due to the paper jackets. So it has to be burned to be reclaimed the silver and PET and paper jackets is not.