frequently asked questions

  • Q: How do I sell my surplus valves?
  • A: one of our friendly valve buyers will come to your location and visually inspect and evaluate your surplus valves and make you an offer or send us a detailed list and pictures and we will put our best offer, if accepted we arrange a pick up time and date.
  • Q: How do I receive payment on my surplus valves?
  • A: Most of the time we buy on site and pay how ever preferred cash, casher check, or bank wired,
  • Q: do I ship my surplus valves then I receive a payment?
  • A: No we pay before any material leaves your location and pay all shipping and freight costs
  • Q: what do you do with the surplus valves you buy?
  • A: all surplus that comes in will be put in to our inventory and resold, most of our surplus goes to Mexico due to high demands.
  • Q: do you also buy used valves.
  • A: Yes we purchase all types of used valves and remanufacture them.