Pulp and Paper Mill Equipment

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U.S. Surplus Recovery buys and sells all types of pulp and paper mill equipment. Such as:Aeratators, Agitators Boilers, Colanders, Clarifiers, Cleaners, Coaters, Cooch Rolls, Converting, Deflakers, Detrashing Equipment, Dewatering Equipment, Dryer Drums, Electrical, Evaporators, Filters Gear reducers, Head boxes, Heat Exchangers, Shear Mixers, Misc Equipment, Motors, Package Boilers, Press Sections, Pulp Chest Agitators, Pulp Washing Drums, Pulpers, Pumps, Refiners, Screw Presses, Steam Turbine Generators, Tanks, Transmitters, Vacuum Pumps, Valves, and much more.

U.S. Surplus Recovery has over 20 years of experience in the surplus and paper industry customer satisfaction is always a top priority to get more information on how we can assist your company contact us today.